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Networking Solution


Data Center Design Solution

Dc infrastructure with enhanced capacity of cooling along with the in-hand maintained designing planned deployment in terms of monitoring and entry system.


Virtualization Output

The most approachable solution VMWare vSPHERE for server consolidation to lessen up the TCO to conserve powerful atmosphere with towering single unit of management, skimming through crucial and critical troubles.


Assembled Infrastructure Solution

Local Area Networking (LAN) operating shaped cabling with fiber copper/optic from construction to scheming, assembling and management and monitored by the World’s leading experimented equipment.


Storage Solutions

The client’s basic concern of securing data in terms of business requirement is delivered via libraries, storage loaders and disk based solutions. ITN has best skills in storage area where the client is most critical concerns to store the data safely we provided storage loader, libraries and disk based solutions according to enterprise business needs.


UPS and Power Solutions

Package of proper industrial UPS with sequence and series configuration with designed power distribution as per the need is provided.


Industrial Solution

For denounce atmosphere, we impart industrial solution comprising of serial to internet, connectivity on PLCs, choosing on the sides for sensitive sectors including power, textile, petroleum.


Enterprise Computing Infrastructure

To fulfill the business requirements efficiently and proving the implemented plans of vast range of centrally deployed servers.


Network and Communication Solution

ITN helps our customer in intact solution of LAN and WAN in accordance of global village which is consistent of single unit/point network, site to site connection IP PBAX.


IT Security Solution

Modern world latest trouble is of IT environment’s protection. In that case, antivirus set up with Eset and Symantec lead as per the client’s need.


Mobility and IP Surveillance Solution

IP surveillance with the view of mobility with the most insistent requirement from any section to reduce the cables and enhance the environment from any issue or risk that might occur. ITN has significant skills on IP surveillance with the touch of mobility which most demanding requirement from any sector to reduce the cables and improve the environment from security risk.

SLA Service Level Agreement in Pakistan

SLA, s and HMA, s

The response is timely and immediate. Nationwide enquiry is handled with supported facility along with the concerned engineer and substitution of equipment with the accordance of SLA and HMA.