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Dell products in Pakistan

Dell announced the latest generation of PowerEdge servers, a portfolio that is performance‑optimized to encompass a wide range of use cases. There are PowerEdge servers for workloads around cloud, IoT and AI/ML, as well as more traditional workloads like databases and VDI. For new edge-centric requirements, we also announced ruggedized, short‑depth servers, ideal for telecom and military applications.

Our servers raise the bar for performance and acceleration in a modern and resilient IT infrastructure. The industry has noticed as well, awarding two PowerEdge models with “product of the year” awards.

CRN’s 2021 Product of the Year: Industry-Standard Servers – Subcategory Winner—Technology

The Dell PowerEdge XE8545 is a 2021 Product of the Year Subcategory Winner—Technology by CRN. Designed for Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU virtualization, the XE8545 combines the latest generation of AMD EPYC processors with the highest performing NVIDIA GPU technology. The high-performance server includes optimized CPU to GPU performance and accelerated I/O throughput for increased storage speed and reduced data latency. Furthermore, the XE8545 is completely air cooled for greater efficiency and lower cost of operation.

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