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Cisco wic-1dsu-t1-v2 card price in Pakistan

Cisco WIC 1DSU-T1 V2 Card

Updated 1-Port T1/Fractional T1 DSU/CSU WAN Interface Card

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Detail Description

Description Updated one-port T1/fractional T1 DSU/CSU WIC
Router families supported 1700 (1720, 1721, 1751, 1760), 2600XMs, 2691, 3631, 3725, 3745, and ICS 7750
Wet T1 Capable Yes
Short Cable Length Command Yes; used to configure attenuation for short cable lengths (<660 feet)
Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) Yes: Type I/III
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(15)ZL PCBU special [Cisco 1700 Series only]
12.2(17) Mainline
12.3(1) Mainline
Support on IAD2430 Series The IAD2431-8FXS, IAD2431-16FXS, IAD2432-24FXS, IAD2431-1T1E1 are supported on the following releases:
Network clock participate was added, and is available in releases:
Width (mm/in) 79/3.1
Height (mm/in) 21/0.8
Depth (mm/in) 122/4.8
Weight (g/lb) 62/0.14
Transmit bit rate 1.544 Mbps +/- 50 bps
Receive bit rate 1.544 Mbps +/- 100 bps
Line code AMI, B8ZS
AMI ones Density Forced/bit robbing (N X56)
High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) data inversion (N X64)
Framing Format (SF) and ESF
Output level (LBO) 0, -7.5, or -15 dB
Input level +1 dB0 to -24 dB0
Data Rates N x 64 kbps (N = 1 through 24); nonchannelized
N x 56 kbps (N = 1 through 24); nonchannelized
Interface connector RJ-45
System timing Network and internal
Loopbacks Network line loopback; user initiated
Recessed push button for network line loopback; toggle on/off
Network line loopback; telco initiated
Network payload loopback
Local date terminal equipment (DTE) loopback
Remote line and payload loopback (codes: V.54 loop up, and loop down)
Self-Test Self-Test activated by user
Test patterns (BERT) 1:2, 1:5, 1:8, 3:24, QRW, All 0s, All 1s, user-programmable 24-bit patterns
Network (T1) alarms Red alarm: Loss of network signal
Blue alarm: Loss of network frame (AIS) from network
Yellow alarm: Receive from network
Performance reports and error counters Cyclic redundancy check (CRC), bipolar violation (BPV), OOF [EXPAND?], errored seconds, burst errored seconds, severely errored seconds, Ft and Fs framing errors for SF framing, FPS [EXPAND?] framing errors for ESF framing, 24-hour history stored in 15-minute increments
LEDs CD (data carrier detect)
LP (loopback)
AL (alarm)
Telnet/console Remote and local configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting from Cisco IOS CLI
SNMP Router and DSU/CSU managed by single SNMP agent; router, DSU, and CSU appear as a single network entity to user
Standard MIB (MIB II)
Cisco integrated DSU/CSU MIB
RFC 1406
SNMP traps Generated in response to alarms
Regulatory Compliance FCC Part 15 Class B
Industry Canada CS-03 Part II
JATE Digital
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-00
UL 60950-2000
IEC/EN 60950
AS/NZS 3260
Standards AT&T Pub 62411
ANSI T1.403
Operating temperature 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104°F)
Storage temperature -20 to 65ºC (-4 to 149°F)
Realative humidity 10 to 85 percent noncondensing operating; 5 to 95 percent noncondensing, nonoperating